About us


Here at Streit Tech we offer you the latest and greatest technology for your personal use. Our mission is to provide each one of our customers with high quality products at the lowest prices possible. We ship worldwide and offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200. Our competitors charge upwards of $300 dollars for a simple pair of headphones which we find ridiculous! We strive to bring our customers a luxurious, elegant design at an affordable price. 


Why go with Streit Tech?

Solving a common issue, Streit Tech has launched an innovative in-ear headphone which requires no wires at all, whatsoever. 

Streit Tech has the only completely wireless headset under $300 in the market. The craftsmanship of our products are second to none, coming fully equipped with bluetooth technology and ready to pair with a push of a button. Any bluetooth device can easily pair with our headphones. Streit Tech makes it as easy as 1...2...3!

1. Simply take the top of the charging case off.

2. Press and hold the top button on each earbud for 4 seconds.

3. Put into ear - ENJOY!



Who's it for?

Anybody who is sick and tired of headphone wires getting tangled and broken! Or anyone who wants a music listening experience with no interruptions from cords getting in the way! We have received an immense amount of positive reviews on our product from clients who participate in extreme sports

Our products benefit your average everyday businessman all the way up to our extreme sports athlete. 

Streit Tech's  come with an optional adjustable fin for your extreme comfort that goes on the inside of your ear to ensure you have a seamless music listening experience with absolutely NO interruptions.