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$ 109.99

$ 199.99

True Wireless

True Wireless

Solving a common issue, Streit Tech has launched an innovative in-ear headphone which requires no wires at all.

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Newly Designed

Newly Designed

With our new design for SB: Mini, they measure only 18.5mm in diameter.

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  • Rapid Charge

    Mini SB's conviniently charge in 1 hour so you can get back to enjoying them!

  • Efficient Battery Life

    Mini SB's stay charged for up to 6 hours!

  • Sweat Resistant

    The rubber shell surrounding the Mini SB's make them completely sweat resistant!

  • Bluetooth

    Easily connect to any bluetooth compatible device with a press of a button!

  • Built-in microphone

    Easily use the built in microphone to make phone calls on the go!

  • Exceptional Sound Quality

    Experience crystal clear audio playback with our newly designed CSR chipset!